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His Grace Dharmavira das Prabhu is a disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He met his spiritual master in 1975 and in 1976 he joined the ISKCON Movement and lived as a full time member in the Temple. In 1977 he received initiation from his spiritual master. He served Srila Prabhupada as a full time member of ISKCON from 1976 till 1983 by distributing books and making life members. Since he also had good business sense, he also engaged in various business enterprises for the Society.

His Grace Dharmavir das Prabhu is married and has four sons. After he left the Temple in 1984, he started his own business. Within just 4 years he became a very successful businessman having the biggest Eastern Boutique Chain Store with 13 branches all over South Africa. He was the first to get Bollywood actresses Aishwarya Rai and Sonali Bendre to model in his TV ads. Aishwarya Rai admitted that this was her first TV shoot and later requested a copy of the video as a memoir.

In 1996 Dharmavir das Prabhu sold his businesses to pursue his spiritual interests in India.

His qualifications and accomplishments: Accounting Science Graduate - as an Accounting professor he gave private tuitions to prospective chartered accountant students at one of the most famous universities in South Africa, WITS University; Vedic Astrologer, Palmist and Numerologist, Reiki Grand Master, Advanced Shambhavi Healer, Advanced Pranic Healer and Pranic Psychotherapist.

He has been doing Palmistry for over 35 years and Astrology for 20 years. For more than 20 years he has been studying and practicing Holistic Healing (Shambhavi, Pranic and Reiki).

Dharmavir das Prahbu is currently living in the holy dham at Radha-kund and is absorbed in chanting the Holy Name. His mission is to build a preaching centre in Radha-kund and to assist aspiring seekers who wish to further their spiritual development and attain Krishna-prema, the highest goal of life.

This group The Essence of Srila Prabhupadas books and lectures by Dharmavira das is created for the purpose of teaching the essence of Srila Prabhupadas books and lectures to the serious students who are desirous to know how to apply transcendental knowledge in practical life and attain the final goal of life, Krishna-prema and pure devotional service to Krishna.

Besides teaching about pure bhakti, His Grace Dharmavira das Prabhu also offers the following services: Astrological chart readings, Palm readings and Shambhavi Holistic Healing. For more info check out the links below.

His other Facebook groups:
HG Dharmavira das prabhu is giving important lessons on how to chant 64 rounds in this group:

If you want a free healing, you may send an email to HG Dharmavir das Prabhu with your photograph, description of your ailments and permission for him to send you the healing. His email addressis Then you will be added to his group to receive further instructions:

Volunteers For Services Needed:
To help our preaching activities we require the following volunteers: Translators to translate the lessons into different languages. Volunteers can contact his secretary and shiksha disciple Tungavidya devi dasi at her email address:

Dharmavira das Prabhu
Whatsapp no. +91 9712 8646 76



1) Dharmavira’s astrology charts predictions are not computerised.
2) Analysis done of 16 divisional chart including Rasi chart
3) Chart names and analysis of each chart
4) Ashtakavarga calculations
5) Calculation of dasa periods and sub dasa periods
6) Analysis of the lords of the different houses in more detail
7) Benefic and Malefic planets
8) Friendship
9) Calculations of strength of different planets with elaborate explanations
10) Isha phala - good karma and Kasha Pala – bad karma – explained fully
11) Special yoga combinations identified in your chart and if it effectiveness explained
12) The predictions for the 12 houses
13) Dasa predictions with the dates and sub dasa period predictions included
14) Transit predictions
15) Favourable period for your career, business and house construction
16) Ashtakavarga predictions
17) Ashtakavarga transit predictions
18) Birth time rectification which is very important for accuracy of calculations and predictions
19) Divisional charts given below
20) Rasi - Existence at the physical level
21) Hora - Wealth and money
22) Drekkana - Everything related to brothers and sisters
23) Chaturthamsa - Residence, houses owned, properties and fortune
24) Saptamsa – Everything related to children
25) Navamsa - Marriage and everything related to spouse(s),
26) Dasamsa - Career, activities and achievements in society
27) Dwadamsa – Everything related to parents
28) Shodasamsa - Vehicles, pleasures, comforts and discomforts
29) Vimsamsa - Religious activities and spiritual matters
30) Chaturvimsamsa - Learning, knowledge and education
31) Nakshatramsa - Strengths and weaknesses, inherent nature
32) Trimsamsa - Evils and punishment, sub-conscious self, some diseases
33) Khavedamsa - Auspicious and inauspicious events
34) Akshavedamsa – All matters
35) Shashtyamsa - Karma of past life, all matters


1) Numerology report includes the following analysis
2) Name and date of birth
3) Name number
4) Compound name number
5) Birth number
6) Fate Number
7) Compound fate number
8) Effect of birth number and ruling planet
9) Effect of birth number and name number
10)Effect of fate number and compound fate number
11)Married life
15)Favorable days
16)Harmony of numbers
17)Compatibility with others
18)Favorable colors
19)Favorable direction
20)Prayers and mental tunnng


1) Gemstone recommendation - Recommends beneficial gemstone based on your horoscope.
2) Gem carat weight - Gives you the exact carat weight of the gem that you should wear.
3) Quality of gem and its fixing - Recommends the right metal in which the gem should be set.
4) Preparations before wearing gemstone - Tells you how and when to start wearing the gem.
5) Gemstone for prosperity - Get suggestion about how to benefit from favorable planets & minimize negative influence.
6) Gem guidance - Know which gem to wear to ward-off difficulties from your life

All charts are done on a donation basis and it incorporates numerology and gemstone reports.
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